intro post;;

there's really nothing here but ranting. gonna slowly turn this into a half personal & half work in process journal XD~ (dA account: FantasyJae@dA
if you're looking for a new friend, just comment (:
my interests: KPOP<3, JROCK<3, GIRLS' GENERATION, SISTAR, l'arc~en~ciel;; drawing;;
my loves: art; bacon<3; jessicajungsooyeon<3, yangseungho, ryoda, kotobuki tarako (SEXLOVE PISTOLS ALL THE WAY BABY), tohjoh asami<3 (r.i.p.), final fantasyy♥♥;
my anti's: antifans, bitches</sup>

I see you driving 'round town with the girlguy I love,
And I'm like, forget youmore like, fuck you~

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decisions, decisions.

**runs away from history textbook OTZ**
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one year later stage&lt;3

[art] mafia/gang time~

next up is my gang/mafiaa obession *___* featuring my own oc's since im too lazy to make up new models each time @____@~ more people will be added~ how can you form a gang with four people? LOL *gotta do one of those old school yakuzas one day too..lol*

(sorry for the spam guys LOL LJ is fuuuuuuun)

[w.i.p.] to act as if nothing's wrong

(old - left side; new - right side)

title totally jacked from a song :D LOL wee haven't used my "semi-realism" style in a while...*___* seriously, the pencil tool in photoshop totally beats any brush out there in the world<33

anyways, i wanted to draw a woman (an "ane-san" LOL) whose husband (the gang boss :D) just recently died~ since she's supposed to be a strong woman, she isn't supposed to cry so she could be a good example to all the underlings~~ (man, i love these yakuza stories LOL)

her lips look really funny +____+ i was having too much fun with the liquify tool...(YES I KNOW IT'S CHEATING, BUT IM A LAZY PERSON ;) LOL) wee and the tears are soo fake...gotta fix em later too
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